REAL DEAL: Promoting Citizen Participation In The European Green Deal

REAL DEAL is a Horizon 2020 project which brings together Europe’s leading researchers on deliberative democracy and the largest Civil Society Organisations in the fields of environment and democracy.  The project explores participatory mechanisms that allow European citizens to meaningfully engage with the implementation of the European Green Deal, ranging from digital deliberation through the online platform to in-person processes such as an Assembly for a Gender-Just Green Deal and a pan-European Youth Climate Assembly. Ultimately, the project will provide recommendations on how European institutions, Member States, and civil society may design and implement such processes.

As the partner leading the project’s communications, the European Movement International will focus, over the course of this three-year project, on promoting positive narratives about the benefits of deliberative democracy in the context of the green and just transition. We will also create and nurture a community of citizens committed to advocating for greater citizen participation and deliberation at every level, from local to European.   


  1. Promoting citizen participation in the green transition
    Using evidence-based strategic communications, we spread positive narratives about the importance of deliberative democracy in the green and just transition. 
  2. Building an empowering and engaged community
    As a community building a new model of environmental citizenship, we actively work towards a future where Europeans are placed at the heart of the decision-making process. Become part of this movement by signing up on our website. 
  3. Getting decision-makers to endorse citizens’ recommendations
    After the REAL DEAL’s deliberative process, we will present three policy positions to European and national decision-makers in an effort to garner support for citizens’ proposals and for stronger deliberative practices. 


So far, our narrative change campaign has generated an incredible 2.2 million digital impressions and engaged over 800,000 people in just the first few months of the project.

Examples of our digital campaigns include: 

A campaign to encourage citizens to sign up to our community:


A multi-lingual and multi-channel campaign aimed at spreading positive narratives about the importance of citizens’ active participation and deliberation in the context of the green and just transition:

Partners and Donors

REAL DEAL project was funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Programme (2014-2020) and is implemented by a consortium of 16 organisations and universities led by the European Environmental Bureau and Research Institute for Sustainability – RIFS Potsdam.



Sustainability, Citizen Participation, Digital Democracy 


February 2022 – January 2025 

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Sebastián Rodríguez
Campaign Strategist, Community Building and Digital Outreach Lead



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