ALLiance for democracy

ALLIANCE FOR DEMOCRACY: Enhancing European Cooperation and Democracy

For over 70 years, European cooperation has ensured peace, democracy and prosperity. But today, the fundamental values that underpin the European project are being questioned, both from internal and external foes. The very rights and freedoms that depend on our democracy are coming under threat.

The rise of authoritarian regimes across the world, the return of nationalism and war in our continent, the assent of far-right forces in the national and European parliaments, coupled with the environmental crisis, the digital transition and the economic uncertainty people face, create a very difficult context for the preservation of our democracy.

In response, the European Movement International wants to utilize its diverse network of member organisations and partners, re-engage the alliance for democracy and bring together NGOs, trade unions, employers, local authorities, universities, grassroots initiatives, and citizens from across the political spectrum.

Our Goal

The mission of our initiative is to foster dialogue and cooperation among this diverse set of stakeholders on the measures needed to defend and strengthen our democracy, in the aftermath of the 2024 European Parliament elections.

Our goal is to engage stakeholders, politicians and citizens in meaningful discussions about Europe’s future, encourage active participation, provide dialogue platforms, and enable direct policymaker engagement.


Launch Event

On June 7, 2017, the European Movement International organised the launch the ALLiance for Democracy campaign with the ‘Is Democracy in Crisis’ conference. The conference featured discussions on democracy’s challenges and innovative initiatives promoting citizen engagement. Margrethe Vestager, European Commissioner for Competition, delivered a keynote on preserving democratic values in the social media age. ALL’s partner organisations affirmed their commitment to democracy and cooperation. The campaign envisions an inclusive approach to addressing EU challenges through open dialogue and local representation. More about the event here.

48 Hours for Democracy

On 15-16 February 2018, the European Movement International with the ALLiance for Democracy hosted 100 creative and innovative Europeans from 23 different countries at ’48 Hours for Democracy’, a two-day workshop in Brussels. This brainstorm event aimed to look at how we can re-energise democratic dialogue and develop innovative proposals. The ideas were then considered by the ALLiance and those selected were taken forward in order to secure support and funding. Learn more about the event here and on Twitter with the hashtag #48hDemocracy.


ALL was initiated by the European Movement International, working in partnership with the following organisations:


Bridging the gap between citizens, representative associations, and the EU


2017 – 2019


Maja Bobic
Head of Projects and Fundraising



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