Stronger Together

STRONGER TOGETHER: Strengthening The EU-UK Relationship Through Youth Engagement

The EU and the UK have enjoyed a close relationship for almost five decades, and it is vital that this connection is maintained and improved after the UK’s departure. There is a need to invest in civil society, people-to-people relationships, and particularly young people, to strengthen the relationship between the UK and the EU.  

The Stronger Together Project, in partnership with the British Council, contributes to the building of a close and stable relationship between young people in the UK and the EU for Europe’s collective benefit. The project empowers 15-30-year-olds in the UK and EU to take social action, create positive narratives, lead, and fight for a better world. The European Movement International’s role in this project is to foster a positive narrative about the future of EU-UK relations by informing and engaging young people. 


  1. Assessing the views of young people on the future of EU-UK relations
    In order to develop evidence-based strategic communications, we are gathering data on the views and opinions of young people about the future of EU-UK relations. Therefore, we conducted an online survey to identify the key narratives and messages that young people value and use to promote EU-UK relations. 
  1. Creating opportunities for meaningful engagement
    We are using our survey results to develop an impactful digital campaign promoting a positive narrative about EU-UK relations. We will disseminate this campaign on social media platforms to foster youth engagement.  


The project’s impact will be felt by over two million young people in the UK and the EU, predominantly from the UK, who will benefit from the positive and long-lasting dispositions and pathways to connect, cooperate, influence, and implement change together on issues of common interest. The project will also create a strong partnership between the EU and the UK and maintain the close relationship that existed before Brexit. 



The project is co-funded by the Neighbourhood, Development and International Cooperation Instrument – Global Europe (NDICI). 


Future EU–UK relations, Active Citizenship, Youth Empowerment 


1 February 2023 – 1 February 2025 


Maja Bobic
Head of Projects & Fundraising



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