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Weekly European Agenda 25/09/2023

25-30 September 2023

Monday 25 September 

Tuesday 26 September 

Wednesday 27 September

Thursday 28 September 

Friday 29 September 

Saturday 30 September

European Movement International

Monday 25 September

Online training ‘How to reach beyond our echo-chambers ahead of the 2024 European elections’
The European Movement International will hold an online training for communication professionals interested in boosting their outreach and engagement skills and gain practical knowledge and data-driven strategies to reach beyond the core audience. Ahead of the 2024 European elections, participants will also have the opportunity to develop content aimed at increasing voter participation in their localities using the tools from the training.

More information about the event here.

More information about EMI events can be found here

Institutional Agendas

European Parliament

Monday 25 September

Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs (ECON)
Debates: Monetary Dialogue with Christine Lagarde, President of the European Central Bank; European Central Bank – annual report 2023; Establishing the Strategic Technologies for Europe Platform (‘STEP’).

Tuesday 26 September 

Media seminar on Media Freedom Act
The European Parliament Press Service will organise a seminar for journalists entitled: “European Media Freedom Act and Digital Services Act: protecting media freedom in a safe online world” At the seminar, the lead MEPs on these two files will answer questions.

Find an overview of the parliamentary agenda here.

Council of Ministers

Monday 25 September

Competitiveness Council
The Competitiveness Council will focus on the internal market and industry-related matters. The Ministers are expected to review the EU legislation on design protection and deliberate the Euro 7 regulation establishing standards on emissions or battery durability for motor vehicles, engines and components.

Wednesday 28 September

Justice and Home Affairs Council
Ministers will discuss the reform of the EU asylum legislation, exchange views about the external dimension of migration, the implications of Russia’s aggression against Ukraine on the EU’s internal security and the extension of the temporary protection for Ukrainians.  The debate on the cooperation with Latin America on the fight against drug trafficking and against transnational organised crime will be followed by the working lunch with EU ministers and 14 ministers participating in the Latin American Committee for Internal Security (CLASI) in attendance. 

An overview of planned Council meetings can be found here.

European Commission and High Representative

Monday 25 September

Jourová receives Minister of Foreign Affairs of Georgia
Vice-President Vĕra Jourová will meet with Ilia Darchiashvili, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Georgia.

Johansson meets with Minister of Foreign Affairs of Georgia
Commissioner Ylva Johansson will meet with Ilia Darchiashvili, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Georgia.

Gentiloni meets Dutch Minister for Economic Affairs and Climate Policy
Commissioner Paolo Gentiloni will meet with Micky Adriaansens, Dutch Minister for Economic Affairs.

Tuesday 26 September

Von der Leyen in Czechia
Commission President Ursula von der Leyen will arrive in Czechia to meet with Prime Minister Petr Fiala and participate in the Green Deal Summit 2023.

Jourová receives members of the European Roma Grassroots Organisations Network
Vice President Vĕra Jourová will meet with members of the European Roma Grassroots Organisations Network.

Johansson in the Hague
Commissioner Ylva Johansson will arrive in the Hague and give a keynote address at the European Police Chiefs Convention hosted by Europol.

Wednesday 27 September

Schinas participates in the EPP Home Affairs Minister’s meeting
Vice-President Margaritis Schinas will join the EPP Home Affairs Minister’s meeting.

Gentiloni receives Chairman of the European Fiscal Board
Commissioner Paolo Gentiloni will meet with Niels Thygesen, Chairman of the European Fiscal Board.

Thursday 28 September

Jourová receives Minister of Justice of Moldova
Vice-President Vĕra Jourová will receive Veronica Mihailov-Moraru, Minister of Justice of the Republic of Moldova.

Schinas participates in Justice and Home Affairs Council
Vice-President Margaritis Schinas will participate in the extraordinary Justice and Home Affairs Council.

Friday 29 September

Our Baltic conference
The European Commission will hold 2nd edition of the Our Baltic Conference in Palanga, Lithuania. This vent will bring together ministers from eight Baltic Sea states Denmark, Germany, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Finland and Sweden. Commissioner for Environment, Oceans and Fisheries Virginijus Sinkevičius and ministers will discuss, collaborate and agree on a joint action to address the current challenges related to environment and fisheries, economic activities linked to the sea (‘blue economy’), and unexploded munitions from World Wars still lying at the bottom of the Baltic Sea, causing pollution and preventing the development of economic activities at sea.

Jourová meets representatives of the Center for Reproductive Rights
Vice-President Vĕra Jourová will meet with the representatives of the Center for Reproductive Rights.

An overview of the Commission College can be found here; the Commissioners’ weekly activities can be found here; the agenda of upcoming College meetings can be found here; Commission events can be found here.

European Economic and Social Committee

Tuesday 26 September

The annual ESG Conference 2023
The EESC’s European Semester Group will bring together speakers from the EU institutions, organised civil society, the Member States and research institutes for its annual conference on a more democratic and participatory European Semester. The participants are invited to discuss how to overcome obstacles to implementing the Recovery and Resilience Plans, speed up the response to the EU’s structural challenges and guarantee a more democratic and participatory European Semester and European economic governance framework.

EU food sovereignty
The Civil Society Organisations’ Group of the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) will hold a conference entitled ‘EU food sovereignty: the role of agriculture, fisheries and consumers’ on 26 September 2023 in Santiago de Compostela, Spain. The event will address the importance of food production in the EU. It will also look into the role of the primary sector and of consumers in ensuring strategic autonomy.

More information about EESC events can be found here.
The agendas of the different EESC meetings can be found here.

Committee of the Regions

Tuesday 26 September 

20th COTER commission meeting 
During the 20th COTER commission meeting the COTER members will discuss three opinions: “The future of cohesion policy post-2027”, “Boosting lasting and effective cross-border cooperation with our neighbours” focusing on EU regions’ cooperation with neighbouring regions and countries, and “Review and proposal for the revision of the Multiannual Financial Framework 2021-27”. Besides the debates on the abovementioned opinions, the COTER members will also have the opportunity to discuss the Maritime Safety Package and Cohesion Policy’s successes on the ground with representatives of the European Commission.

Thursday 28 September

Knowledge Exchange Platform (KEP 2.0) seminar
The European Committee of the Regions and the European Commission will organize a seminar in the framework of their Knowledge Exchange Platform, the objective of which is to enab​le the exchange of new R&I solutions and best practices, and promote peer-to-peer and showcasing events on the ground. This thematic seminar will focus on the regional and local dimension of the New European Innovation Agenda, including the opportunities for Regional Innovation Valleys.

Thursday 28 – Friday 29 September

19th ENVE Commission Meeting
​​​​The September ENVE commission meeting will take place in Malaga, Spain where the participants will hold a debate on “Green Deal and Governance” followed by the adoption of the CoR Opinion on “Towards a multilevel Green Deal governance: the revision of the Governance of the Energy Union and Climate Action regulation.” In the afternoon, the agenda foresees a debate on the “Green Deal and new energy sources” followed by the adoption of the CoR Opinion on the “European Hydrogen Bank.” On the second day the agenda foresees a debate on “Towards a Global Green Deal”, including high-level representative from the hosting Spanish authorities, representative from United Nations and from major global networks of cities and region.

More information about Committee of the Regions events can be found here. The agendas of the different Committee of the Regions meetings can be found here.

Spanish Presidency

Tuesday 26 September

Informal ministerial meeting on culture
Ministers of culture will gather in Cáceres, Spain and take part in two working sessions focusing on sustainable management of cultural heritage, universal access to culture and its role as the territory’s backbone. As a result of the meeting, the ministers are expected to sign the Cáceres Declaration, which represents a commitment to the defence of culture as a whole within the European project.

Thursday 28 – Friday 29 September

Informal ministerial meeting of the General Affairs Council
The European Ministers will discuss enlargement preparation and European cohesion policy in Murcia, Spain.

The agenda of the Spanish Presidency of the Council of the EU can be found here.

European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights

Thursday 28 September

Realising social rights in the digital age
A Collaborative Platform on Social and Economic Rights will meet to discuss realising social rights in the age of digitalisation in Helsinki, Finland. The participants will discuss the risks of AI misuse and its potential negative impact on social rights and the impact of new technologies on the labour market, on access to social services and on how to ensure a digitally inclusive society. FRA will present its work on ageing and digitalisation.

Information on upcoming FRA events can be found here.

European Central Bank

Monday 25 September

Lagarde at the ECON Hearing
President Christine Lagarde will return to the European Parliament for her quarterly meeting with MEPs on the Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee. Inflation, the economic governance review, public debt, and high levels of bank liquidity will be the topics expected to attract most attention.

Friday 29 September

Lagarde speaks at the joint IEA-ECB-EIB conference
President Christine Lagarde will deliver opening remarks at the joint IEA-ECB-EIB conference on “Ensuring an orderly energy transition: Europe’s competitiveness and financial stability in a period of global energy transformation” in Paris, France.

More information about ECB events can be found here

European Investment Bank

Friday 29 September 

Europe’s competitiveness and financial stability
European Central Bank President Christine Lagarde, European Investment Bank President Werner Hoyer, and International Energy Agency Executive Director Fatih Birol will host a high-level conference entitled “Europe’s competitiveness and financial stability in a period of global energy transformation.” The conference will address a range of issues including impacts of the global energy crisis on the clean energy transition, mobilising private sector capital to accelerate new investments, and positioning Europe in a highly competitive global landscape for clean technology manufacturing.

The agenda of the EIB can be found here.

Council of Europe

Thursday 29 September

Conference of Ministers of Justice
Ministers of Justice of the Council of Europe member states will participate in the conference entitled “No safe haven: integrated prevention measures to end domestic, sexual and gender-based violence” in Dublin organised by the Irish chairmanship of the Committee of Ministers.

Find an overview of Council of Europe events here; the PACE diary here; the Congress calendar of events here; information on forthcoming judgments here; the calendar of hearings here; information on Venice Commission events here; the agenda of the Commissioner of Human Rights here; and the Chairmanship agenda here.


Saturday 30 September

Slovak parliamentary elections
Early parliamentary elections will be held in Slovakia to elect members of the National Council.



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